Spreading Awareness for Mental Health

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, struggles, cases, and deaths keep going up. Even with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, there is a long way to go before life can return to normal. As a result, mental health has deteriorated for a lot of people during these difficult times. According to a study done byContinue reading “Spreading Awareness for Mental Health”

High School Dropouts: Why Does It Matter?

We’ve heard of high schoolers dropping out before. Unfortunately, it’s more common than many may think. Kids who live in families that value education are told how important it is over and over. So, how big of a problem is dropping out, how common is it, and what’s the impact? Over 1.2 million high schoolersContinue reading “High School Dropouts: Why Does It Matter?”

For Soon-to-be Middle School Parents: Helping your child adjust to middle school

It can be a time of wonder when your elementary school child moves up into middle school. However, sometimes this adjustment period can be really difficult on kids. So, parents, here are some of our ideas and tips about how you can help explain middle school to your child and smooth the adjustment. One ofContinue reading “For Soon-to-be Middle School Parents: Helping your child adjust to middle school”

Ideas For Making Learning Fun This Summer

Parents have a really tough job right now, that job being they have to work from home if they still have a job, AND keep their kids entertained. It’s really difficult to be in that role, and so we’re saying thank you for that, even if your kids aren’t. Electronics can generally become a kid’sContinue reading “Ideas For Making Learning Fun This Summer”

Why Your Child Might Have Trouble Adjusting to Distance Learning

Has your child been negatively effected by this quarantine? Not able to see friends, go play outside, and visit neighbors? Has it been tough transitioning from in-classroom learning to distance learning? Chances are if you are reading this, it’s been a while since you were a child. If your child is doing distance learning, chancesContinue reading “Why Your Child Might Have Trouble Adjusting to Distance Learning”

Your child’s privacy will be protected

At Kids Tutor Kids, we can understand why parents don’t want their children exposed to the internet. So, we are making you a promise that we will never film a tutoring session of your child, and either keep it to ourselves or post it on social media. However, we would appreciate it you didn’t filmContinue reading “Your child’s privacy will be protected”