Ideas For Making Learning Fun This Summer

Parents have a really tough job right now, that job being they have to work from home if they still have a job, AND keep their kids entertained. It’s really difficult to be in that role, and so we’re saying thank you for that, even if your kids aren’t. Electronics can generally become a kid’s favorite thing to do in quarantine, which isn’t always so great.

So without further ado, I present to you, ways to keep your child entertained over summer break that are non-electronic with exceptions for family and being productive.

Have a loved adult (grandparents) read to your child on Facetime, zoom, or any other app: This is a win-win. Your kids can have stories read to them, plus the loved ones would probably also like the idea, even if virtually. Grandparents, especially, always want more time with their grandkids, give them some!

Chore Wars: This game is a family challenge, though generally better for the maybe 4th and 5th graders(or older). The link is, and yes, this is an online game, but the activities but it is a productive one in which it gives you quests to do; which are really chores. They’ll have fun doing work around the house you don’t have time do. It’s a win-win!

Have a Mandatory Daily Reading Time: Reading is an incredible thing. Daily reading can get your kids out of your hair for anywhere from 15-60 minutes; 15 if you have a younger child, maybe an hour if you have a 5th grade bookworm. If you schedule a daily reading time, then they have some sense of normalcy in the summer without camps and schedules. Plus, if you have a child in the younger grades of elementary school, it can help them learn to develop a love for reading, and get ahead of their peers!

Math: There’s an undiscovered world of math out there, and if you enforce or introduce a child to it, the effects will be incredible when school does re-open. There are so many great activities you could give your child to do that will make math fun. A few examples of these are while washing your hands, count backwards from 20. Another is setting up a shop in their room, and learning about dollars and cents. Math is everywhere you can think, even if not seen at first.

What’s your child’s favorite thing to do? No matter what it is, we can find a way to incorporate this activity into a fun, productive, non-electronic activity. They may not like some of the chances at first, and there’s no saying you can’t do the original, but it won’t be too difficult to make the adjustment, and it’ll help your child in the long term.

Of course, lastly, if you need 20-60 minutes to learn something fun, new, and exciting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can keep your kids entertained, AND we guarantee they’ll learn something from the experience. Get ready for the coming summer, and don’t fail to reach out if you have any questions.

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