Why Your Child Might Have Trouble Adjusting to Distance Learning

Has your child been negatively effected by this quarantine? Not able to see friends, go play outside, and visit neighbors? Has it been tough transitioning from in-classroom learning to distance learning?

Chances are if you are reading this, it’s been a while since you were a child. If your child is doing distance learning, chances are it hasn’t been the easiest transition. From a classroom full of fun to sitting in front of a computer. So, a common question you may ask is: Why is my child having a tough time adjusting? Some may think it’s the lack of a physical classroom, which may be a part. But at Kids Tutor Kids, we think the biggest reason is because children have trouble understanding the concept of electronics going from a toy to a tool.

Younger kids, such as K-5 are used to having electronics as toys. Adults know them as tools, communication devices, and much more. Kids know them as talk to your friends, play online games, and have stuff they click on the internet delivered to their door within days. So it should be no surprise that when the fun is taken away, and they find out that electronics are more than just fun and games, it’s a rude awakening. A child isn’t fully aware of the capabilities of an electronic device such as a phone. That is probably because K-5 students don’t generally have cell phones.

So if you have a child that is in the younger part of the K-5 grade range, or even younger then that, talk to them about cellular devices as tools, not just toys. Yes, kids are still going to want to play games on them. It’s childish nature, and there is nothing wrong with that while you’re growing up. But make sure they understand and grasp the “tool” part of electronics.

Kids Tutor Kids is run by kids, which means we have an insight on kids that many adults lack. We understand what kids are experiencing with online learning. We also relate to how adults talk and feel, which means we have the best of both worlds, child and adult.

2 thoughts on “Why Your Child Might Have Trouble Adjusting to Distance Learning

  1. Excellent points, love the advice from a kids perspective. Electronics make today’s remote classroom environment possible. If managed properly these electronic tools can be used as a reward. Kids can still have their game time but they must first complete their remote classroom activities.


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