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(April 23rd, 2020)

In this time where remote learning and social distancing is the New Normal, our 8 year old daughter loves her weekly FaceTime tutoring lessons with Tex. She actually looks forward to them! My wife and I decided to get our 3rd grade daughter some extra help with her spelling and math, because as a parent it has been difficult working with her at home these past 6 weeks due to schools being closed from the COVID-19 pandemic. She has always been an excellent student and loves school. However, being home everyday, learning remotely (which isn’t the same), not seeing her friends in person and now as a parent essentially having to become a “teacher” all has not been easy for anyone. We wanted to make sure she does not fall behind in school and keep her excited about learning. I have been listening in on her sessions with Tex and I am very impressed with how knowledgeable and professional he is, especially for his age. He starts the session right on time and ends on time. He has a whole lesson planned out before the call, tells her funny stories as examples and gives her weekly homework. He knows how to make learning fun with his excellent personality. I think she also enjoys being taught by someone younger than her teachers, because she relates to him better. She also told me “Daddy, I think he’s a genius”. And I do too! Therefore, I highly recommend Tex for tutoring elementary school aged children. (-Dr. Max Heller)

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